Becoming an Umpire

Becoming a top umpire is not an overnight exercise and involves years of hard work and study as you advance your way to the top of the field. 

NZC have laid out a set pathway for Umpires to advance which ensures if you are knowledgeable and consistent you will have an opportunity to rise to the very top of the Cricket Umpiring Field.

The Umpiring Pathway

Level 1

This level is targeted to Junior school cricketers (up to 12 years of age), their parents and coaches etc

Umpiring Level 1

Level 2

This level is targeted to senior school and club cricketers, and their coaches etc.

Umpiring Level 2

Level 3

Targeted at Club Umpires after at least one season’s umpiring experience

Umpiring Level 3

Level 4

Targeted for umpires to be considered for top Club, Regional and Panel appointments.

Umpiring Level 4

Regional Panel

At this point umpires are considered among the best from their Region and will be considered for Hawke Cup and Exchanges

Regional Umpire

Reserve Panel

Umpires selected for this panel will do be available for standing in Domestic first class matches

Reserve Umpire

NZC Umpiring Panel

Umpires on the NZC Panel will stand in the majority of Domestic First Class matches and Finals

NZC Umpire


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