Where do cricket umpires come from? They do not come from under the cabbage plant in the garden. The usually come from cricket clubs, who usually due to age want to be involved in the game but not in the playing side. Of course there is always the exception, very little cricket experience in the playing arena but take on umpiring because they want to. One of these fine gentleman, was Fred Goodall who at aged 19 years took umpiring on and became a famous New Zealand Test umpire.(24 Tests) Others of us who played a bit, started in their late 30’s and were successful. I refer to Brian Aldridge, New Zealand Test umpire (26 tests)

The scribe has been reasonable successful having completed 20 years umpiring (5 Tests) and remains on the First Class Panel for 2005/06 season.

Umpires are people, have personalities, feelings and life skills. You as a 16, 22 or 34 year old person can umpire cricket.

At 16 you will be disadvantage of not having played the game at high level. This will mean some years of umpiring to gain that experience of “knowing” the game. A very successful umpire who started here in Canterbury as a 18 year old, is Jerry Busby. He has been umpiring for 25 years, was a first class umpire and has been on the New Zealand Cricket Reserve panel.

Umpires of cricket are unique people, long hours of standing in the middle, long hours of study (laws of the game) but the reward is the outstanding “buzz” one can get, when doing the job in the middle.

Cricket needs you, we will train you, give advice and you will meet some really nice people. No matter what age or gender YOU can do it. - Gary Baxter