An Invitation to join the CRCUA

Cricket, like so many sports, needs people to officiate so that others may enjoy the sport. This is a personal invitation to consider becoming an Umpire or Scorer and making the third team of a match. 

You do not have to have played the game but it is an advantage. The duties are not too onerous, but you do require some level of fitness and a desire to "Get it right", and have time to fit it into your busy lifestyle. 

There is an opportunity to progress up the ladder, if you so wish, with the help of a Training Officer. We have a Regional Training Officer whose job is to oversee the various Area Training Officers attached to the District Associations. These Training Officers are available to assist you develop your skills, both on and off the field. All Umpires are assessed on a regular basis to ensure your progress and that a career paths are continuously available. 

What must I do to become an Umpire?

To become a competent Umpire, you must be prepared to study the laws of cricket and playing conditions, (we have a beginner's class just for  this purpose). If you have patience, and willing to learn, plus would like to be in the best position on the field, or would like to spend your time at the Scorers box, send the Secretary Tony Scott an e-mail here or phone him on 03 359 5741. 

What Support can I expect? 

The Canterbury Regional Cricket Umpires Association has good support from Canterbury Cricket and from the NZC Match Officials Manager (Sheldon Eden-Whaitiri, whose duties are to ensure every Umpire has the chance to develop to the highest level. All Umpires are encouraged to attain the best of their ability and are graded during the season and given feed back on their performance. As mentioned before, the various Area Training Officers that are there for your benefit-to help you reach your GOAL! You can be assured of a warm welcome to this Association, and you will be given an opportunity to learn and enjoy yourself on and off the field. 

What must I do to become an Scorer? 

Every Club is on the look out for Scorers. For those who show dedication, have an eye for accuracy and detail, as well as love the game of cricket the opportunities are there for advancement. Contact Christchurch Metro Cricket for Clubs looking for Scorers and contact the CRCUA Secretary Email regarding training.