Welcome to the Canterbury Regional Cricket Umpires and Scorers’ Association's web site. Our Associations job is to look after the Cricket Umpires and Scorers for the whole of the Canterbury Region. The CRCUSA ensures they all receive good training, and equal opportunities to pursue their goal as Umpires or Scorers.


  • 3 of our NZ Panel Members
    3 of our NZ Panel Members
  • Brian Williamson Trophy - Kim Cotton
    Brian Williamson Trophy - Kim Cotton
  • New Life Member - Dallas McIllraith
    New Life Member - Dallas McIllraith
  • Life Members
    Life Members
  • 25 Years of Regional
    25 Years of Regional
  • Regional Training Day 2017
    Regional Training Day 2017
  • ICC U19 Umpires Visit
    ICC U19 Umpires Visit


New members are always welcome. We provide full training and examinations, leading to 2 Levels of qualifications. A Training Officer in your area, working in with the Regional Training Officer, will not only help you understand and learn the Laws of Cricket, but will help you with technique and support, to make sure your umpiring is enjoyable on and off the field.

With the support of CCA, we have two exchange programs in place to help developing Umpires broaden their knowledge and experience through their career path. All visiting Umpires and Scorers, from overseas or within New Zealand, are welcome to stand in local fixtures. just contact us if you wish to do so. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jim Henderson- Chairman